Terms And Conditions

Licence Terms

  • The screening licence only allows you to show the selected film in public on the specific date and at the specific venue that you enter on the contract – if the screening date and / or venue changes, you must notify CMD Entertainment Africa immediately otherwise the screening will be a breach of copyright.

  • The film may only be screened in the territory and at the premises reported in your booking.

  • There must be no cutting, editing or copying of the film.

  • Films may not be used to promote or endorse any product or service, except the screening of the film itself.

  • Advertising of the screening to the general public is permitted, either internally (e.g. posters inside the venue for the screening) or externally (e.g. advertisements in a local newspaper, newsletter or website), but only subject to CMD Entertainment Africa’s approval.

  • Upon CMD Entertainment Africa’s request, you must alter or remove any advertising.

  • The DVD must be screened in its entirety including credit titles, trademarks and censorship certificate.

  • You may charge a ticket price for the screening. For details, please see Ticket Price etc.

Endorsement and Promotion

Screenings of films under the screening licence cannot be used so as to create the impression that the film producer, or distributor, or the film’s talent (including stars or cast) have given any approval of or endorsement of any goods, services, organisations or events.

Venue Licence

CMD Entertainment Africa is only responsible to issue you with the screening licence.

If applicable, you are responsible for obtaining and paying for any licences required in relation to exhibition of the film(s) in the venue including local government licences, public entertainment licences, all health and safety requirements and public liability insurance.

Excluded Rights

The screening licence is not a licence to make copies of films or to distribute films in any way whatsoever other than under the terms of the screening licence, nor does it allow you to copy, alter, adapt or edit a film.

Therefore, it is not possible under the screening licence to record a film from television / or any online video platform.

Please also note that the screening licence does not give you the right to perform any musical compositions embodied in the soundtrack of any film. You will need to check licence requirements on  www.za.ccli.com

Delivery of the film

Once your film is booked, CMD Entertainment Africa will courier the Screening Package to you between 1 to 7 days before the screening date to the delivery address specified at the initial account registration stage. CMD Entertainment Africa is not liable for any cancellations that may occur due to a film not being delivered. If there is no one present to receive the film at the delivery address, the full booking fee will apply. CMD Entertainment Africa will not be responsible or liable in any way if materials go missing once the courier service has confirmed delivery.

What to do if your DVD is Faulty?

Having checked the film in full before your screening, if you notice a fault, you will need to re-book a replacement copy. Please contact CMD Entertainment Africa, who will then book a replacement copy of the film for you on the condition that the original screening copy is returned immediately. If CMD Entertainment Africa is not notified of a faulty film prior to the screening date, the full flat fee will apply.

Please note that any additional screenings of the film must be licenced through the CMD Entertainment Africa’s website.



If you have any further questions, please contact CMD Entertainment Africa’s Screening Department via screenings@cmdafrica.com 


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