The media industry is one of the most influential spheres of society, shaping World views and cultures across the globe. Media covers a vast spectrum including print media (newspapers, magazines, books etc.), broadcast media (radio & TV), web media (internet) and the latest social media (facebook, twitter etc). Billions of people spend countless hours every day engaged with media and this influences the way they think and act. “For as a man thinks in his heart, so is he.” - Proverbs 23: 7


CMD ENTERTAINMENT AFRICA has a clear vision to “bring hope and ignite vision” in people’s hearts through media. The great commission is at the core of its business practise and utilising various forms of media to build God’s Kingdom is the heartbeat of CEO, John Venter.


We invite people who share a similar vision to take hands in our effort in effectively getting our movies, music and books out to the World by becoming an active STREET TEAM member in their towns and cities.


Please download the APPLICATION FORM, fill it in and email it to marketing@cmdafrica.com 



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