The story of Adam and Eve in the book of Genesis is the most controversial story in the Bible.


What are archaeologists, paleontologists, biologists and theologians saying today? Is the story fact or fiction? The evidence may shock you. Where was the Garden of Eden? What was it like? Does it still exist, if indeed it ever did? Explore the evidence and journey back to the original birthplace of man.

The Bible is the most widely read book in the history of the world.


But does anyone know who really wrote it? Most Christians believe that God is the ultimate author of the Bible, and that the human authors merely served as God’s scribes. Skeptics insist the Bible is nothing more than the work of clever men –  creative storytellers at best. Who’s right?  What are the facts behind the creation of this immortal manuscript?

Can new scientific research and theological insight give us clues into this text? What can the Dead Sea Scrolls tell us about the origins of the Bible? Discover how modern technology may finally unravel this age-old mystery. 

Approximately 2,500 prophecies appear in the Bible . . . some 2,000 of which have already been fulfilled to the letter. 


Is it possible, as some scholars suggest that the remaining 500 may be unfolding before our very eyes?  The ancient prophets wrote of impending disasters, war, earthquakes, and famine—events that seem to be happening with increasing regularity.  But haven’t we implemented the mechanisms to lessen their impact on society?  Or has our technology actually created the devices for these ancient predictions to come true . . . with all of their dire implications?  Are some warnings more important than others?  And if they are, what gives them more urgency?  Explore the predictions of the prophets, then decide for yourself: Are ancient prophecies today’s reality?

Was Mary Magdalene a saint or sinner and was there a miracle at Fatima?


Who was Mary Magdalene? A fallen woman rescued by Jesus or was she Christ’s beloved disciple. An investigation into the mystery surrounding her identity produces startling insights. What message did the Virgin Mary bring to Fatima and reveal in 1917? A prophecy from biblical times? Learn the surprising answer.

Even the Bible is silent about Jesus’ life in his early years. Are these silent early years of Jesus really lost? Or has the truth never been told?


Even the Bible is silent about Jesus’ life from the ages of 2 to 12 and 13 to 30. Will an investigation into these so-called silent early years reveal that Jesus was aware of His own divinity . . . even as a child? Why is the record of most of His life missing? Are the so-called silent early years of Jesus really lost? Or has the truth never been told? The answers you’ll find here may surprise you! 

The legendary Holy Grail, believed to be a relic of the Last Supper of Christ, has eluded searchers for 2,000 years and the quest continues today.


Imagine finding a 2,000-year-old treasure map that appears to lead to a fortune worth untold millions . . . but no one can decipher the directions.  That’s the dilemma facing today’s scientists as they pour over the contents of the Copper Scroll found near the Dead Sea.  Does it point the way to Jerusalem’s lost temple treasures?  What vast riches are buried in King David’s tomb?  Do the treasures still exist . . . or have others already made off with these ancient biblical artifacts?  Archaeologists tell us why they are still searching for the treasures.  Would the discovery of these fabulous riches solidify the Jews’ claim to the Holy Land?  Or lead to an all out holy war?  Are the lost Bible treasures a curse or a triumph?

Two of the world’s great religions, Christianity and Judaism, base many of their most important beliefs on declarations made to Moses atop Mt. Sinai.


The Bible is the oldest continuous history of any people on earth today.  But is it truly history?  Can we prove, with any degree of certainty, that the miraculous stories attributed to Moses are factual?  Did the power of God, working through Moses, open a passageway of dry land through the Red Sea?  Was there, in fact, an exodus of millions of Israelite slaves out of Egypt into the Sinai desert? Can the proof of this biblical account be found at the bottom of the Gulf of Aqaba?  After thousands of years of debate, scientists and archaeologists now add new contributions.

Was there a flood and has the ark been found?


Nearly 200 ancient cultures with the capability to keep a written or oral history have records of an all-encompassing flood - one with astonishing parallels to the biblical flood account of Noah's Ark. Was there a deluge of such enormous proportion that it covered the entire earth? Was the entire population of the earth wiped out but for a handful of people? Has modern technology finally answered these questions? Some scientists new believe the biblical record of a worldwide flood can account for all of the world's geographic anomalies - geological abnormalities that, until now, have defied explanation. Astonishing new theories explain the flood that may have inundated the world in ancient times.

Did the legendary cities of sin Sodom and Gomorrah really exist?


According to the Bible, these cities, along with three others, were destroyed by fire and brimstone.  But did these cities even exist?   Has evidence been found that finally proves the biblical account and actually pinpoints the exact site of these cities?


Some of the animosity in the world today can be traced to a single event related in the Bible: the confusion of language and the dispersion of the races at the Tower of Babel.  But was there ever such a tower to begin with?  And if there was . . . has it really been found in ancient Babylon?  Can we actually confirm that there was a time in the distant past when everyone spoke the same language and essentially belonged to the same race?  Do the modern sciences of linguistics, sociology and archaeology tell us that a common language and common ancestry all arise from a single place on earth and a single point in time?  Surprising answers to this age-old mystery will connect you to your past and the sociopolitical problems in many parts of the world today.


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